• Testen voor Toegang
        Your visit in 5 steps

      • You would like to go to a performance that has been designated as a test event by the national government. You then need a ticket and a valid negative test …

      • Wanted: Kitchen staff for project
        Needed but not wanted (working title) - Abhishek Thapar

      • Looking for kitchen staff in Groningen to share experiences as a non-Western migrant for a performance project.

        With his new …

      • Theater-to-go
        1-op-1 voorstellingen in de buitenlucht

      • Vanaf zaterdag 17 april presenteert Grand Theatre op 10 zaterdagen Theater-to-go. Voor €2,50 kan de bezoeker een 1-op-1 voorstelling bestellen bij World of B …


      • Abhishek Thapar
        Cow is a Cow is a Cow

        • language no problem
      • Indian theater maker and storyteller Abhishek Thapar creates visual and intimate performances in the area between documentary and fiction. He combines his personal stories with major global …